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Interesting Article

The complete article from Military Trader Vehicles:  "A Report From The Second Oldest “Gun Show” in America"

The Forgotten Soldiers of World War I: Eyewitness the Native Amerian and African Amerian Experiences

November 11, 2018, marks the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I.  The Friends of Michigan History, Inc. will present their Annual Veterans Day Salute on November 4, 2018 to commemorate Armistice Day.  The event will start at 2:00 PM at the Michigan Library and Historical Center which is located at 702 West Kalamazoo Street in downtown Lansing.  The opening volley for the event is a Massing of Colors complete with a bagpiper.

The featured presenters are Mr. Byron Christopher Williams and Dr. Roger Rosentreter.  Mr. Williams is Secretary for the Friends of Michigan History, Inc.  He holds a Master's in Military History from Norwich University.  Mr. Williams is a veteran and he is part of a rich military tradition, which his two sons have chosen to carry on one is an officer in the United States Marine Corps and the other is an officer in the United States Army.  He has done extensive research on the African American Experience in the United States military.
Dr. Roger Rosentreter, author, historian, former longtime editor of Michigan History Magazine for the State of Michigan is a professor of History at Michigan State University.  Dr. Rosentreter will present the little known, but important role that Native Americans played in helping, "Make the World Safe for Democracy".  One of the great ironies of this statement is that neither group shared in Democracy at home as both groups were second class citizens, denied the rights and opportunities of other American citizens.
Other highlights of the event will be patriotic music, provided by Vocal Dimensions, a choir from Jackson Northwest high School under the brilliant direction of Mr. Matthew Snell.  This group has stimulated the musical palates of audiences for years.
Come join us as we offer a salute to our brave women and men who served and are serving and also learn some truths about the role minorities have played and continue to play in the United States Armed Services.
The event is free and open to the public.  Visitors can also tour the Museum wihc is free on Sundays where you can also examine Michigan's rich history.

Refreshments will be served.