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Morphy Actions

2000 N. Reading Road; Denver, PA 17517; Attn: Cheryl Goyda, Acquisitions & Promotions

cheryl.goyda@morphyactions; 877-968-8880 ext. 755; fax 717-336-7115

Maumee Valley Gun Collectors

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Ohio Gun Collectors Association

Huron Gun Collectors Inc.

Wolverine Knife Collectors Club


Dick Lloyd - Frontier Antiques

David K. Parks Military Antiques and Historic Memorabilia

David K. Parks

Online catalog at

P.O. Box 180674

Utica, MI 48318-0674

586-286-6462 or 586-871-6462

The U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Information Center

Albert J. Frasca, Ph.D.

Author, Editor & Distributor of: The .45-70 Springfield Book I & II and The Trapdoor Newsletter


Springfield, OH 45504