Dear MAAC Member, 


          We hope you had a great February MAAC show. We are pleased to share with you that our paid attendance was 1496 on Saturday and 370 on Sunday. The total 1866 did not include women and children or MAAC members attending the show. This was a very positive showing for our club and we would like to thank you for your participation. MAAC also wishes to express our gratitude to Mr. Terry Mrachina for the donuts and apples he passes out on set up day. Thanks Terry for your thoughtfulness.

          We had some wonderful displays at this show. MAAC would like to recognized the following individuals for their excellent show displays: Mr. Tracie Hill and Mr. Frank Smith – “The American Thompson Association Machine Gun Display”, Mr. Roger Herbst – “British Thompsons and Magazines”, Mr. David Evans – “a 1921 Thompson”, Mr. Mike Wank – “1928 A1 Cutaways”, Mr. Ron Brook – “Michigan State Police Colt Thompsons”, Mr. Mike Kline representing the Berrien County Sheriff’s Dept. – “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”, Mr. Dan Pozarek – “Remington Rarities”, Mr. Paul Breakey – “Cutaway Shotguns”, Jim & Roberta Cassel – “Japanese Swords and Guards”, and the First Michigan Colored Regiment – “Civil War Encampment”. Thank you to everyone involved. This was on the MAAC’s finest display exhibits. 

Board Notes: 

  1. Advertising: please pick up show cards and flyers at the Show Manager’s table. Take them to the other shows you attend and help us advertise MAAC shows. It works!!
  2. Please pay membership dues on time.
  3. Purchase tables early and wear your membership badge at all times.
  4. Tie all breach loading weapons & secure loose ammo. 
  5. Check www.michiganantiquearms for show updates.
  6. Helper badges are for club and family members only.
  7. If anyone is interested in applying for the Board of Directors, contact Secretary Joyce Christmann.
  8. If you are interested in reviewing the MAAC accounting books see Mike Parker. He brings them to every show.

          Finally, we are still experiencing a major problem at each show with unloaded vehicles in the building. Vehicles need to be removed as soon as you unload, so that others can drive in to unload. This helps everyone. Thank you for participating in our show. See you in April!!


G. Christmann

MAAC President (586-286-3905)

Our recommended hotel, Revised, Holiday Inn becoming Comfort Inn Suites (248-477-7800) $85 per night with breakfast for $10.