Dear MAAC Member, 

We hope you had an enjoyable time at the November Show. Attendance was up 37% on Saturday from 635 to 869 and up 17% on Sunday from 259 to 304 from the 2018 show. Thank you everyone for your participation and cooperative spirit at the show.

We would like to thank the following people for their outstanding show displays: Mr. Dale Kuche – “U.S. Marine Corp”, Mr. and Mrs. James Cassel – “Door Stops and Antique Tools”, Mr. Dan Kurkowski – “Remington Rolling Blocks”, Mr. Paul Breakey – “Canadian Ross Rifles”, Mr. Kent Lund – “Tethered Power Boats”, and Mr. John Willyard – “Flintlock Muskets”. Thank you or your participation and all your had work.

Board Notes: 

  1. Advertising: Show flyers are available on the Show Managers table. If you attend any other gun shows or related shows please pick up flyers and distributed them at the other shows you attend.
  2. Please renew your MAAC membership.
  3. Purchase tables early and wear your membership badge.
  4. Tie breach loading weapons & secure loose ammo. 
  5. Return carts after unloading and remove vehicles.
  6. Check www.michiganantiquearms for show updates.
  7. Helper badges are for club and family members only.
  8. If anyone is interested in applying for the Board of Directors please contact Joyce Christmann.
  9. Any member is welcome to view the accounting books. They are available at Mike Parker’s table at each show.

Thank you for attending our shows. We look forward to seeing you in February 2020. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

G. Christmann

MAAC President (586-286-3905)

Our recommended hotel, Revised, Holiday Inn becoming Comfort Inn Suites (248-477-7800) $85 per night with breakfast for $10.