Dear MAAC Member, 

Thank you for attending our September Show.  Attendance was up both Saturday and Sunday over the 2018 show. We appreciate the Saturday only table holders, but please don’t leave before 5:00 p.m. as the paid public deserves to see the show in its entirety. A special thanks to Mr. Jim Pence (board member) who again tied guns and worked the front door on and off both Saturday and Sunday.

We would like to recognize Jim and Roberta Cassel for another excellent display “Underground Mining” and Mr. Paul Breakey for “Combination Guns”! Without these devoted display people we would be short on displays for many of our shows. The displays are well presented, and thought-out and a pleasure for everyone to view. Thank you. 

On a sad note, MAAC would like to send our condolences to the families of Mr. John Flint and Mr. Keith Smith. We will miss their participation in our shows and contributions to our club.

Board Notes: 

  • Advertising: We need your help! MAAC is advertising our four shows in as many magazines and newspapers around the state that we can afford. In addition, we are advertising on the radio. We also print 2500-5000 flyers and 5,000 blue calendar cards. These are available on the Show Managers table for anyone to take. We are asking that if you attend any other gun shows or related shows that you pick up some of these and distribute them at the others shows you attend. Please get involved and help to advertise our shows.
  • Please renew your MAAC membership.
  • Purchase tables early and wear your badge.
  • Tie breach loading weapons & secure loose ammo. Return carts after unloading.
  • Check for show updates.
  • Helper badges are for club and family members only.

Thank you for attending our show. We appreciate your help and support. See you in November.

G. Christmann

MAAC President (586-286-3905) 

Our recommended hotel, Revised, Holiday Inn becoming Comfort Inn Suites (248-477-7800) $85 per night with breakfast for $10.