Show Rules

Table space is rented by MAAC only. No table will be used by persons other than those to whom it was rented, without the permission of the Business Manager. Tables MUST be occupied and displays maintained from the published start until the published close of the show. Non-compliance with show hours will result in loss of continued table location and possible loss of table rental privilege (pending availability).  All tables must be covered. 

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the show premises. 

In the interest of safety, all firearms with clips shall have them removed. All breech loading firearms will have a cable tie attached. 

The following items will be permitted at the shows. Items not listed are prohibited. 

  • All firearms designated antique and replicas as exempt from the firearms provisions of the Federal 1968 Crime Control Act.
  • Used shotguns and rifles of either current or obsolete manufacture, providing they conform as being legal and do not require registration under the Federal Firearms act.
  • Used handguns that are not of current manufacture, providing they conform as being legal and do not require registration under the Federal Firearms  Act.   All federal, state and local laws must be complied with related to handgun transactions.
  • Discontinued collector's ammunition. Limited amounts of modern ammunition surplus to ones needs.
  • Used scopes, sights, gun cases, holsters, and gun parts related to those items permitted herein.
  • Unrelated items restricted to one linear foot of each table area (area 12" x 30").
  • Reloading components and equipment, except gunpowder, that are surplus to an      individual’s needs, but not on a commercial or retail basis. Gunpowder of any type is prohibited for reasons of safety.
  • Powder horns, flasks, shot pouches, bullet pouches and containers, antique and      reproduction, with the reproductions being held to a discreet non-commercial minimum and designated as such.
  • Antique and modern used gun smithing tools and equipment.
  • Shooting medal and trophies of historical and/or antique definition. Swords, bayonets and knives of historical and/or antique definition, and military accouterments and uniforms, but on a limited non-commercial specimen basis.
  • Books pertaining to the collecting of arms and related items, hunting, gun smithing and history relating to items permitted herein, as well as magazines and catalogs relating.
  • Americana, Western and Indian accouterments, antique and reproduction (designated as such), on a non-commercial basis.   Antique photographs and prints related to those items permitted herein.
  • Non-firearm related items trademarked by a known firearms manufacturer.
  • In the event of a controversy as to what items can or cannot be displayed, please be advised that the Sergeant at Arms decision is final. If the above regulations are in conflict with your interests, be advised that your table fee and membership fee is available for refund upon request.


Suburban Showplace

46100 Grand River Ave

Novi, MI 48374-1317

(248) 348-5600